Homemade pesto

This delicious homemade pesto is a hit here at Kirkjuból in Bjarnardal guesthouse in the beautiful westfjords in Iceland where I’m working all summer. I make all sorts of plantbased spreads and treats. For example chocolate chia pudding, italian salad, chickpea “tuna” salad, cashew spread, garlic spread, olive spread, chili hummus and much much more.

But the sundried tomato pesto is really the most popular treat… the guests love it and often ask how I make it.

So here it goes. This will not be a specific recipe… but more like a description of how I make it and with what. Because I like to just jam away in the kitchen. I use a food processor to make this pesto.

First i start by putting 2-3 handfull of almonds in and blend them on high speed until their almost fine.

Then I add 4-5 fresh finely cut organic garlic.

Then a handful of fresh coriander, parsley and basil. Blend it with the almonds.

Then I add 3 glasses of sundried tomatoes along with the oil from the glasses. Blend it with then almonds and herbs.

Then some spices such as paprika, cayenne pepper, chili, black pepper, maldon salt. And sometimes garlic and onion powder.

And voila! You have yourself some delicious pesto. My favorite is to put a small layer of vegan butter and a thick layer of this pesto on some homebaked spelt buns.

But it also tastes really good in pasta dishes, salads and as pizza sauce.

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