Vegan Iceland

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B E I N G   V E G A N   I N   I C E L A N D

Here is a list of vegan food, that I’ve run into – in Iceland There’s a lot of vegetables, fruit, beans and nuts in every food store in Iceland which you can of course easily survive on – cheap! My focus though, will be on vegan specialties… such as plant-”milk”, -”cheese”, -”butter”, ”ice-cream”.

HAGKAUP (foodstore):
IMG_6301 IMG_6300

There is plenty of plantmilk and plantcocomilk to choose from in Hagkaup
IMG_6299 IMG_6298 IMG_6297 IMG_6296 IMG_6295 IMG_6286
Vegan daiya “cheese” in mozzarella and cheddar style (melts and is good for pizza, lasagna etc.) and cream cheese (good on bread or in a pasta dish) 849 ISK each
1000 % plantbased butter for 495 ISK and more “cheese” and cream “cheese”… this time from the brand Sheese, for 499 ISK each.
There is a “regular” round slice cheese with different types of flavor
Cream cheese for bread etc. also with different types of flavor: chilli, garlic, cheddar and more
IMG_6242 IMG_6243
The bread is made of spelt (which I prefer). It can be bought in almost every foodstore in Iceland, incl.Hagkaup and Bónus

This is Tartex made out of herbs. It is delicious on bread! I only found this type “herb”, but they also make Tartex with chilli, garlic and herb and more flavors. Want a “beef”?
IMG_6229 IMG_6228
There’s a lot of vegetable beefs to choose from. This one is made in Iceland with chilli. They also have broccoli, chickpeas and other types of beefs.
IMG_6223 IMG_6222
To the left you see some “beefs” from Iceland and to the right, some from other countries – “beef” and “meatballs”

IMG_6231 IMG_6234
Yummi … a quick vegan burger with chilli chickbean beef, spinach, tomatoes and cucumber The dressing: Sheese cream ”cheese” mixed with barbecue sauce and organic red pesto
You can always go nuts!
Or drink a delicious smoothie…..
There is a lot of smoothies and juices with with different kind of flavors in almost every food store you go to
IMG_6290 IMG_6292 IMG_6291
Organic vegetable juice…. or some just some chips!
IMG_6308 IMG_6307
IMG_6306 IMG_6305
Pringles are so good to those who choose vegan – they’ve made a check box… orange check… means its vegan!

IMG_6304 IMG_6303
Bugles ORIGINAL – is vegan
There are plenty of vegan chips  – this is just of some of them

Bónus (discount foodstore):

Do you have a sweet tooth?
IMG_6265 IMG_6266

This is a cinnamon bread with caramel and it’s sooooo good ❤ You can find this in Bónus and it’s called: “karamellu snúður” (the one with chocolate is not vegan!) I love to drink a Rice Dream Chocolate with my caramel bread


I also found organic Red Pesto in Bónus – and a lot of other organic products too And local vegan ”beef” and swedish vegan ”meatballs”

Check out even more vegan products in Iceland here



Has all the ‘*Tartex” veggie spreads (for bread etc.) mmmmmh.

They also have almond, rice and soy milk – to name a few. And a lot of vegetable juice and smoothies as well.

And Nettó also has Violife cheese. Yummi! They have a lot of different types… and of course also the pizza cheese which melts so good!

It seems that most Icelandic food stores are pretty up to date regarding vegan products 🙂

So go to Iceland vegans… and enjoy the beautiful nature and delicious vegan food ❤


I really want to mention theese following places.. since they all have delicious vegan food to offer.

“Saffran” has vegan pizzas with vegan cheese. Just ask to get the vegan cheese on your pizza instead of the regular. It’s not on the menu, but they have it!

“Serrano” vegan salads, wraps and sandwiches. They’ve put up vegan signs to make it really easy. Here you can find Serranos places:  – to type into the GPS

“Ìslenska Flatbakan” has vegan cheese and soft breadsticks with melted vegan cheese inside (

“Pizzan” has vegan pizzas with vegan cheese (

“Gló” has a lot of vegan food on the menu and a really delicious salad bar… like… level 10 salad bar !  (



Remember to check out HappyCow

A webpage and app that makes it so easy to find vegan places all over the world

HappyCow Healthy Eating Guide

Vegan restaurants in Reykjavík Check this trip adviser out for green options when eating out in Reykjavík I’m sure most of them can make vegan food 🙂 There is a lot: I look forward to try some of them out next time.

I used most of my time studying and going out in the nature with my own food with me this time 🙂 So I was pleased that it was sooooooo easy to get vegan products in every store I went to. Yeeeei!!!!!

(Ice cream store)
I went to the one at Eyravegi 3, Selfoss and got some sorbet ice
IMG_6267 IMG_6268
They had sorbet with ”wild berries” ”strawberry” and ”lemon” taste

Here is my pictures from some of my trips to Iceland

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Blueberries in the wild
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Stopping for the sheep who are going to check if the grass is greener on the other side

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